Introduction: A welcome to all Deaf, deaf, and hard-of-hearing visitors from the President of, and an explanation of why this Website was set up. Rosters: Summer and Fall 2016 will be a busy season for Republicans and Democrats. Whos campaigning and where? Its easy to find local contact information.
Why vote?: Why its important for Deaf/HH people to participate in the grassroots-political system, and make themselves and their concerns heard in Washington. Party platforms: These are official statements of where both parties stand on the major issues, such as employment, taxation, health insurance, and education.
How register: Before you can vote, you must register. Its really very easy, doesnt take long, and its the first step to becoming a fully participating U.S. citizen. Deaf issues: Where do the major Democratic and Republican candidates stand on issues of importance to the Deaf community? Find out here.

There are an estimated 22 to 28 million
Deaf people in the U.S.A.
Imagine what would happen
if they all showed up at the polls and voted?!

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